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Traditional leadership training tends to cover leadership needs generically, as if all leaders are cut from the same cloth. This training experience is designed with you in mind as it can be tailored to reflect the specific challenges in your organization.

Training at your site

We travel to your site to deliver this leadership training experience in-person.

Training at our site

We welcome you to beautiful Tucson, Arizona, for this training experience. Expect the VIP treatment when you come see us.

Train the Trainer at your site

We certify your trainers in Get Results at your site so that the knowledge can be sustained and new behaviors can be reinforced.

Train the Trainer at our site

We welcome you to Tucson, Arizona, for Get Results training certification. This is ideal for companies that have less than four training certification candidates.

Leadership Coaching

To help the new knowledge and skills stick, we offer one-one-one coaching, in-person or virtually.


Using a holisitic approach to enabling healthy work environments, we offer organizational effectiveness consulting.

Who should participate in this training?

  • Leaders in political positions

  • Those who lead volunteers

  • Business owners

  • Managers

  • Military leaders in transition to industry

  • Those aspiring to move into leadership roles

Get Results Training Package.PNG

Training package includes:

  • Workbook

  • Leadership Balance Assessment

  • Work Style Inventory

  • Personalized training support 

  • MP3 relaxation recording

  • And more...

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