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Get Results Leadership Training includes our signature leadership assessment as a tool to better understand your leadership tendencies. Then delve into the one validated model of behavior and learn how to influence human motivation. Explore the four workstyles using our workstyle inventory to construct healthy, robust and effective teams for project management. All this is and more is included in this interactive, participatory leadership training. 

With over 25 years in the area of education and training & development, we understand the needs of leaders and have designed this training experience with you in mind.

Hi, I am Lorraine Chavira, owner and creator of Get Results Leadership Training.  I have been coaching and training for over 20 years and my client list includes federal and state government and corporate organizations such as:


  • The Department of the Interior National Business Center

  • Fidelity National Title Agency

  • Arizona Superior Courts

  • The University of Arizona South

  • The Joint Interoperability Test Command at Fort Huachuca

  • The Project Management Institute


My coaching skills were honed at Corporate Coach University International in 2003, after having completed a masters degree in educational psychology through the University of Arizona. Additionally, I've taught at the college and university level and understand adult learning theory.


Aside from owning and operating a number of businesses, I have eight years experience as a leader in Corporate America and have come to appreciate the unique challenges and the opportunities that exist for leaders. I've designed Get Results Leadership Training with YOU in mind.  


Call me today and let's get started!


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